Cities and Science Communication Events

This page contains details of forthcoming events such as conferences and workshops emerging from work on the CASC project:

Final Conference – 26 to 28 January 2011

Partners will come together to discuss what the project has found about effective ways of engaging the public in science and how transferable approaches are across countries and cultures. A detailed report will be submitted to the EU after the conference highlighting policy recommendations for increasing people's involvement with, and understanding of, science and its impact on their work and life style. The conference will be hosted at Thinktank, Birmingham’s Science Museum.

Project Workshop - Changing Behaviours: Creating a Better Quality of Life for the Future – October 2010

What would it take to make you choose to eat a fish from a sustainable source, or reduce your carbon footprint? More generally, how can science be communicated in a way that will lead to behaviour change at an individual level? What of behaviour at an organisational level? Are SMEs who promote environmental issues seen to be ‘green’ as they would hope to be? These two strands of work will be presented at this workshop to be hosted in Prague.

External Events / Conferences

In addition to project specific workshops and conferences, the CASC project will be showcased at the following events:

British Science Festival – 17 September 2010

Cities and Science Communication

Changing behaviour workshop

Looking at what types of activity/presentation of material might encourage a change in behaviour over the long-term.

Media Workshop

Looking at how science is represented in the media and why science is reported in particular ways.

Website: British Science Festival.